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In-Home Physical Therapy Rehab

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 Home Physical Therapy, At Home 

Home Physical Therapy is our specialty.  It's even in our name.  In Home Physical Therapy is the only rehabilitation company that provides outpatient rehab services in the home.  Incidentally, we were also the first to offer these services in Utah. 

Our professional staff are experienced, with over 80 years of combined clinical experience. In Home Physical Therapy can address all of your outpatient rehabilitation needs. Our clinicians are gentle, friendly and uniquely qualified to help with manual therapy, pain relief and innovative techniques designed to restore you back to your normal way of life.  Our goal is for each of our patients to reach their maximum functional potential and capacity.

You can relax knowing our clinicians will treat you with gentle care as we treat your pain, injury, imbalance, weakness, neuropathy, and misalignment issues.

"Our home physical therapy team have a combined work experience history of over 80 years. For thirteen of those, I and my team have been providing in-home physical therapy rehabilitation services.  The home environment helps facilitate a patients progress substantially." 
David l. Wetzel, P.T.

What Can In Home Physical Therapy Do For You?

Our Goal for each of our patients is for them to reach their maximum functional potential and capacity. There are many things that can disrupt that level of health and vitality. Our staff of professionals are trained to handle a variety of physically limiting factors, such as:
Image of back pain needing home physical therapy

Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Statistics don’t lie. Did you know 80% of Americans will have back pain at least once in their life? Even more staggering 54% of Americans will experience back pain for five years or more. Neck and Back pain are the second most common reason for sick leave in the US.
Physical therapy offers effective ways to strengthen, stabilize, and give flexibility to the spine. It should be as strong as a log and flexible as a willow to have balanced normal function.
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Hip & Knee Pain

Regardless of whether you are five or ninety-five, their is going to come a time when you experience knee and hip pain. For the average aches and pains due to overexertion, there are ample over the counter remedies to help.

However, if your pain persists in a chronic nature, you need more aggressive help. You need a professional Physical Therapist, skilled in treating your particular pain and discomfort. Don't put off getting the help you need, thinking it will simply go away. You deserve to live a pain free life and to have the mobility to make that life enjoyable.

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Foot and ankle pain image

Foot & Ankle Pain

It is amazing how critical your ankle and foot health actually are. Nothing will shut down your ability to live a normal life like a foot or ankle that delivers constant pain. Ankle and foot pain caused by strain or overuse are common everyday occurrences. However, when unexplained pain in this region persists, it is much more serious. It's time to call in a professional to help you deal with it. At In Home Physical Therapy, we are passionate about helping you get back to your normal routine.
Physical therapy offers effective ways to strengthen, stabilize, and give flexibility to your ankles, feet and legs. All it takes is a simple call or a chat with your physician. They will know exactly the best treatment and together we can get you back to health and vitality.
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What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • In Home Physical Therapy staff are very accomplished and know their profession well.  I liked the in home therapy and it has worked out very well for me.  I have improved my balance, strength and my ability to climb stairs.  They have introduced me to lots of new exercises such as, walking on flat surfaces, eye hand coordination, water therapy, and more.  I would recommend them to anyone for effective rehabilitation therapy.  
    Roger A. 
  • Since working with In Home Physical Therapy, I have noticed a lot of changes with respect to my health challenges.  I am now able to climb stairs much easier.  My heel to toe walking gait is much more fluid and natural.  I have also noticed that my overall balance has improved.  I am so thankful my physician recommended this company.  It has helped so much.  Oh, I am able to walk faster than before as well.  
    Craig D.
  • In Home Physical Therapy prepared me for my surgery, January 2019.  They came to my home, which was easier and more convenient for me.  After my surgery I have noticed I am walking faster and easier.  Frequently I am able to walk without the use of my walker.  Their water therapy has greatly increased my mobility.  By excercising with weights I have been able to improve my balance and stability with less fatigue.  I am grateful that my doctor referred me to David Wetzel and his team. 
    Renae A

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