Back and Neck Pain

Statistics don’t lie. Did you know 80% of Americans will have back pain at least once in their life? Even more staggering 54% of Americans will experience back pain for five years or more. Neck and Back pain are the second most common reason for sick leave in the US.

A lot of us think that it’s just something we must live with, and we manage ourselves. We pop a few pills and hope it will go away on its own. Unfortunately, while the medication assists with pain management, it does nothing to treat the root cause of the condition.

What’s even worse is that the problem will get worse over time. Often, Poor posture and improper body mechanics and positioning of the spine can lead to extended back pain if not reduced. We treat all kinds of neck and back injuries. From strained torn muscles to herniated discs and sciatica shooting pain down your legs and arms.

Physical therapy offers effective ways to strengthen, stabilize, and give flexibility to the spine. It should be as strong as a log and flexible as a willow to have balanced normal function.

A neck and back when used properly is strong, flexible, and has good functions without pain. We call this stabilization. We hope to achieve this maximum capacity in each patient we treat. Everyone should be on a total body exercise program in order to maintain stability in function and health throughout our body for a life time. We want to assist everyone to have a home exercise program that will be beneficial, safe, enjoyable, and healthy for a life time. We care about your stability because your health and safety are our business.

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Who should try Physical Therapy?

Everyone should be engaged in keeping healthy, having stable, aligned, and proper functioning joints without pain. We instruct you how to achieve stabilization. We teach you the proper way to exercise, how to stretch, how to strengthen, and when to rest.

Goals and Objectives of Rehab Therapists

  • Educating individuals on proper exercises to achieve specific results namely full function , and stability as possible
  • To be safe
  • To be as independent as possible* least amount of pain
  • Achieve confidence in their functional ability
  • A total exercise program of your own for health and safety

Some of the conditions we have helped with

  • Weakness
  • Misalignment
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Disability impairments

If you are experiencing physical discomfort or pain and not sure where to go... well, we come to you.

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