Before and After


Condition title - Kyphotic Thoracic Spine

Before and after I cured an 18 yr. old of a Kyphotic Thoracic Spine - rounded back, and restored his back into normal function. One arm one leg exercise done in perfect balance to restore strength and function back to the spine., strengthening shoulders in order to walk again. Strait Arm prone press to tighten back and shoulders.


I had back pain and pain down my leg sciatica. I am 89 years old. The therapist was so nice, he came to my house and gave me traction to my lumbar spine, and taught me back stretching, and strengthening exercises which I did to help me avoid surgery. It was so nice to have instructions in your own home to fit your own environment.



Physical therapy helped save my life. I’ve walked over 7 years with a walker when I fell and broke my knee cap from a fall. I got physical therapy to heal it, and restore strength, balance, and stability walking upstream in a pool to strengthen my legs and improve my balance in water therapy. I’m 89 years old and I don’t need my walker anymore due to the strength I’ve received.


I have had a sore neck with headaches and back pain for over 25 years. Thanks to physical therapy and manual therapy I am finally able to have total relief and can sleep at night without pain, and not awake with a headache. I fall asleep much quicker now.



I had bursitis in my shoulder, I couldn't get dressed or comb my hair. After therapy, I can do everything again.


I have known Dr. Wetzel since 1969 when he was my father’s physical therapist after he suffered a stroke. Since that time, he has also helped me with physical therapy several times. Greatest Therapy I have ever had.


Patient 2

I recommend David to all my friends, due to his knowledge, gentleness, expertise, and results achieved.

Patient 3

Before I could not balance or walk without a walker, and now I walk without a walker because of the strength and stability I gained in water therapy. I didn’t need my walker support anymore. I’m 90 years old in July 2019.


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